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Daily inspiration collected from instagram. Hand picked, updating daily. We are here to inspire you to create amazing work out of Wood, Clay, Metal or Glass. Keep posting my friends.
Inspiration from around the world!
Black or white murrine vase by imuranesi
Walnut dowels and epoxy by woodnresin
Iona Cheval Mirror by p.roduct
Amazing desktop by wildaboutwood
Bathroom Sink by woodworking_art
Pierced Bird pot by carterpottery
Sweet little side table by backwoods_timber_creations
Wooden Lamp by artwoodcarving
Black and White Vase by karalovellceramics
Tailored City Bench by maxinesniderinc
Club Chairs by justceppie
Just Pipe by fikrizulfikarr
Nitrogen and burnt dust Vase by tom_kemp_
Construction by rbaileymetalsculptor
Glass and steel table by estudiobuenosdias
Wine Rack by spoonermark
CUMARU LIVE EDGE STAIRS by contemporaryecowood
Simple colored vase by nchasedesigns
Ironbark light tower by ironbarkmetaldesign_
Table by alonmdesigns
Sculpture by glass_art_magazine
Yunomi by sebastianmoh
"Сrying" vase by jarodkearney
Glass cube pot by planteritas
Plate by iwasakiryuji
"Lanterne" table lamp by imuranesi
Targato Wanos by wanos_design
Vase by lexingtonglass
For your baby by fikrizulfikarr
Huge vase by keramikjohanna
Boy and Girl by spanosart
Industrial lighting minimalist by cenkkarayazgan_architecture
Plate by thiarak
Cube8 glass lamp by bruchia
Glasses and Vases by lexingtonglass
Vase by woodworking_art
3D Tree gate by ironbarkmetaldesign_
CUMARU STOOL by contemporaryecowood
Bowl suitable for everything by keramikjohanna
Coconut bowl by _irinanana_
Cube table by infrontpdx
Gymea Lillies' lighting panel by ironbarkmetaldesign_
Epic stylish door by dkmetaldesign
Aurora blob by siemonandsalazar
Sculpture by agallantgal
Antiqua stylish cupboard by mon_interieur_metal_31
Sculpture by i.raku