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Daily inspiration collected from instagram. Hand picked, updating daily. We are here to inspire you to create amazing work out of Wood, Clay, Metal or Glass. Keep posting my friends.
Inspiration from around the world!
sculpture by elevated_alchemy
Sculpture by jovana_tucovic
Little matte glaze bowl by highyieldstudio
Coffee Table by
Pottery painting plate by nadia_mavr
Sculpture by gallery788
Glass Sculpture by painteddoor
Sculpture by nilanjan_21
Hanging Chair by metalfurniture_
Vase with cirkels by keramikjohanna
Mirror by garret_herbert
Coral ceramic jug by _irinanana_
Chair-Lamp by p.roduct
Space Glas by joshsimpsonglass
Glass violin by embermystdesigns
Dot work bowls by mymudharvest
Ceramic plates with abstract arts by ceramicbabes
Little raku planter by highyieldstudio
Squared ash bowl with natural edges by joe.issy
Heavy steel cage by metalworks_by_allspark
Barn door and woodwall by carvedwoodworks
Metallic Amber Vase by chromeclothing
Lighting magical sculpture by ironbarkmetaldesign_
Wall Decorations by harmanmetalart
Hanging Lamp by solarisbali
Deco style desk by mon_interieur_metal_31
Fruit Bowl by garret_herbert
Wooden Barrel Door by woodwork_art
Colored table lamps by rosetreeglassgallery
Pila bottles by siemonandsalazar
Ceramic sagger fired sphere by bethgoobicceramics
Just glass chair by glassonze
Pierced Bird pot by carterpottery
Lamp by lexingtonglass
Water Map Sink by splendor_universe
Space dots vase by mahric1981
Decoration by dodgingbulletsdesigns
Korean art ceramic plate and cup by syon_kang
Ramport Sofa by taidghoneilldesign
Sculpture by spanosart
Nitrogen and burnt dust Vase by tom_kemp_
Bisque ware vase by goldenandgreyporcelain
Vase by capilanoestudio
Lucid Dream- Soul Shopping by johnson_tsang_artist
Steampunk bonsai crescent pot by jarodkearney
Edge stiletto heel vase by thebowlcatch
"Eyes on the Sky" vase by goldenandgreyporcelain
Lounge Chair by
Office Desk by woodworking_art