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Daily inspiration collected from instagram. Hand picked, updating daily. We are here to inspire you to create amazing work out of Wood, Clay, Metal or Glass. Keep posting my friends.
Inspiration from around the world!
Sofa by hinokawa_the3rd
Fullmetal toilet table by ferreriarm
Sissoo Rosewood Waterfall End table by lumberlust_designs
Traditional Korean bowl by syon_kang
Designer Table by tothtoth
Cedar Shelving by woodforddesignco
Jar by sebastianmoh
Table by wood_manufactory
Minimal metal furniture table by pausmafurniture
Sculpture by matthornepottery
Ceramic saucer "Lace" by _irinanana_
Minimalist wood bathroom vanity by carvedwoodworks
Wood Wall Art by tedswoodworking2022
Transformed a concrete structural column by soliart
Maginificent Olla by sandiafolk
Vase by lexingtonglass
Timber in bathrooms by wildaboutwood
Bowl with cains by avigail_c
Glass stairs by alafropatisglass
Edge stiletto heel vase by thebowlcatch
Scuro flat round vase by siemonandsalazar
Wisteria Candlember by embermystdesigns
Ceramic sagger fired sphere by bethgoobicceramics
Sculpture by midu_la
Rosewood waterfall table by lumberlust_designs
Dowels and epoxy bowl by woodnresin
Vase by brananadan
Textured goblet by _irinanana_
Modern lighting by fotistika_viofann
Lamp by the_arunverma
Custom antler bubble chandelier by siemonandsalazar
Stepped Glass shelves by glassonze
Experiment colored bowl by takaki_mottsu
Sculpture Pot by fahimeh.heydarii
Glass vases engraved handmade by mila_zila
Set of Plates by allfiredup.pottery
Club Chairs by justceppie
Textured pot by mymudharvest
Staircase by p.roduct
CUMARU STOOL by contemporaryecowood
Arctic plate by viktorydecor
Hope chest by thewoodchefaz
Rocking Chair by p.roduct
Wood and steel showcase by mon_interieur_metal_31
Vintage Industrial Reclaimed Bathroom Vanity by modern_reclaimed
Huge bowl by keramikjohanna
Colored desktop by mon_interieur_metal_31
Texture ceramic bowl by onderserkan
Stunning vases by ceramics_sculpture_studio
Textured jug by _irinanana_
Cube8 glass lamp by bruchia
Wood wall with mirror by carvedwoodworks