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Daily inspiration collected from instagram. Hand picked, updating daily. We are here to inspire you to create amazing work out of Wood, Clay, Metal or Glass. Keep posting my friends.
Inspiration from around the world!
AKI oil lamps by animacontemporanea
Cane Work Bowl by lexingtonglass
Sculpture by rvdbosch1960
Vases by baigelmanglass
Vases by lexingtonglass
Space Glas by joshsimpsonglass
Sculpture by pinkilula
Wall Decorations by lizanne40
Mystic 3 Panel Tree by ironbarkmetaldesign_
Cabinets by hinokawa_the3rd
Cake Stand by _otisart_
Glass and Metal vase by leosklo
Divider by blackartwelding
Tumblers by kkswanson
Ceramic sagger fired sphere by bethgoobicceramics
Kero modern table by garybodkerdesigns
Vintage Hand Made Pottery by
"The Time Wanderers" by _irinanana_
Sculpture by agallantgal
Plate set...giant squid attack by goldenandgreyporcelain
Giorgos by galigalidis_art
Algunes cristalitzacions by eulaliasayrachceramiques
Heavy steel cage by metalworks_by_allspark
Sculpture by emiliegotmann
Cane goblets by jakegarretson_glass
Large Fusion Vase by alex_allday_design
House for body oils by leosklo
"Egyptian hieroglyphic" style bonsai by jarodkearney
Rainbow vases by rosetreeglassgallery
Wall Sculpture by the_metal_guy_canberra
Glass tree by cmcglassart
Vessel by _lisaomm_ceramics_
Oil Burner by mudness_
Vase by jacobsonglass
Forged flower lamp by _.m_.a._x._
Sculpture by jovana_tucovic
Korean art ceramic plate and cup by syon_kang
Wood and glass table by lumberlust_designs
Lamp by
Coffee Table by marco_degaloff_design
Matching coffee table by wrenchworkscustom
Lidded jar with engobe and pattern by keramikjohanna
Table by midu_la
Melt Down Vase Aqua and Green by chromeclothing
Maple iPhone Shelf by lumberlust_designs
Coffee Table by apuliadesign
Autumn Cage Cup by glassartsociety
A custom table lantern by prismstudios111
Club Chairs by justceppie
Metal black windows by metaldesign13300
Glass and Wood chair with arts by glassonze