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Daily inspiration collected from instagram. Hand picked, updating daily. We are here to inspire you to create amazing work out of Wood, Clay, Metal or Glass. Keep posting my friends.
Inspiration from around the world!
Industrial desk lamp by wrenchworkscustom
Super thin cherry bowl by thebowlcatch
Vase with peacock glaze by miyamurastudio
Plates by allfiredup.pottery
Tailored City Bench by maxinesniderinc
Lights by mehrzadmehrgan
Media Table by mikeambrose
Bowl suitable for everything by keramikjohanna
Cedar Shelving by woodforddesignco
Vase by atolye_camdan
Sculpture by illuminaire_ltd
Biker lamp by sh_bogdan
Vase by starglyphs
Ceramic plates "Lace" by _irinanana_
Glass terrarium by tracygloverstudio
Plywood floor lamp by joe.issy
Cake Stand by _otisart_
Table Lamps by mcfaddenartglass
Steel and marble table by metalplayer_official
Open Mind III by johnson_tsang_artist
Ceramic Umbrella stand by _tuttoattaccato_
Pot Set by ruthiesimon1
Side Table by coastalfurniture
Glass and Wood chair with arts by glassonze
Black and white cup by takaki_mottsu
Sculpture by ryan.markle
Center table by vakarconcept
Antiqua stylish tables by mon_interieur_metal_31
Deco style desk by mon_interieur_metal_31
Sculpture by wendell0705
Rosewood waterfall table by lumberlust_designs
sculpture by elevated_alchemy
Large Fusion Vase by alex_allday_design
Hanging Lamp by solarisbali
Dining Table by marco_degaloff_design
BBS wheels coffee table by sh_bogdan
Likaliku chair by fikrizulfikarr
Pots by carterpottery
Just Pipe by fikrizulfikarr
Pirate bottles for whiskey by tracygloverstudio
Sentinels by avitalsheffer
Black and yellow by cernamic
Kitchen Counters by beamerscreekwoodworking
Vase by mooto_jeon
Zig zag by j1studio
Vase by carterpottery
Hand forged bed by agnieszkapasek_blacksmith
FRENCH WALNUT CREDENZA by contemporaryecowood
Pencil pot by joe.issy