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Daily inspiration collected from instagram. Hand picked, updating daily. We are here to inspire you to create amazing work out of Wood, Clay, Metal or Glass. Keep posting my friends.
Inspiration from around the world!
Once more teapot by keramikjohanna
vase by lexingtonglass
Sissoo Rosewood Waterfall End table by lumberlust_designs
Lost Love by ryan.markle
Hand carved glass entrance doors by soliart
Bottle by mcfaddenartglass
Bleucanard Tea pot by bobol.ceramics
Vase by mooto_jeon
Lidded jar with engobe and pattern by keramikjohanna
Dessert Plate by heesooceramics
Ceramic jug with ornaments based on Latvian mittens by _irinanana_
COLORFUL COFFEE TABLE by contemporaryecowood
Dining Tables by barnboardstore
Ceramic slab vase with a wheel thrown base by highyieldstudio
Prism octopus cookie jar by goldenandgreyporcelain
Little matte glaze bowl by highyieldstudio
Slouchy penguin bowl by goldenandgreyporcelain
Fusion Plate by alex_allday_design
Abstract ceramic cups by nadia_mavr
Textured coffe cup by keramikjohanna
Zig zag by j1studio
Chair by dinicbranislav
Aurora blob by siemonandsalazar
Sapele bowl by woodnresin
Glass and Wood chair with arts by glassonze
sculpture by elevated_alchemy
Ironbark decorative wall by ironbarkmetaldesign_
Modern Table by abstraitla
Abstract ceramic cups by nadia_mavr
Colored vases by glasdesignkarinawendt
Wine rack by carvedwoodworks
Ribbon Chapel by designbunker
Fern Fronds by chocophilenyc
Car by midu_la
Dowels and epoxy bowl 2 by woodnresin
Stainless steel pool chairs by studiocherrydesign
"Earth crescent pot with companion moon accent pot" by jarodkearney
Fruit Bowl by garret_herbert
Black and white cup by takaki_mottsu
"The Time Wanderers" by _irinanana_
Oil Burner by mudness_
Vase by woodworking_art
Huge teapot by keramikjohanna
Ceramic jug with ornaments based on Latvian mittens by _irinanana_
Barn door and woodwall by carvedwoodworks
Huge vase by keramikjohanna
Darkgold ceramic bowl by nadia_mavr
Abstract flower vase by somassaepotterydesign
Blue large pitcher vase by highyieldstudio
Gate by szuplat