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Daily inspiration collected from instagram. Hand picked, updating daily. We are here to inspire you to create amazing work out of Wood, Clay, Metal or Glass. Keep posting my friends.
Inspiration from around the world!
Autumn Cage Cup by glassartsociety
Vase by baigelmanglass
Vase by lexingtonglass
Accessory by solarisbali
Yarn Bowl by mudness_
Sky bowls and birch spoons by goldenandgreyporcelain
Sculpture by agallantgal
Mixed woods dresser by chasewarrendesign
WALNUT & TEAK SALVAGED PATCH WORK by contemporaryecowood
Craquelé lamps by imuranesi
Bird bowls by _irinanana_
Flower Vase by lexingtonglass
Abstract ceramic cups by nadia_mavr
Simple colored vase by nchasedesigns
Ocean table by woodworking_art/
Cup by alfarceramics
Super thin cherry bowl by thebowlcatch
Like a flower lighting by fikrizulfikarr
Black mirror minimalist by mcdevittmetal
Cedar Shelving by woodforddesignco
Blue tea mug by keramikjohanna
Wooden Barrel Door by woodwork_art
Industrial side tables by treblex_limited
Vessel by _lisaomm_ceramics_
Wall Art by jennymartos
Sculpture by mikako_yade
Sculpture by emiliegotmann
Sculpture by matthornepottery
Lost Love by ryan.markle
Firing teapot by keramikjohanna
Wood-metal bookshelf by cenkkarayazgan_architecture
The Kiss' in progress by johnson_tsang_artist
Table by spanosart
Once more teapot by keramikjohanna
Hot Mix Vase by jefenator
Faux Industrial shelving by bella_rustica
Handmade glass bowl by celsiusglassstudio
Diamond legs taburetes by estudiobuenosdias
Lidded jar with engobe and pattern by keramikjohanna
Just ceramic bowls by koozehpottery
Space dots vase by mahric1981
Porcelain tea cup by ceramics_sculpture_studio
Vase with cirkels by keramikjohanna
Bone Chair by htrossman
Clock by hinokawa_the3rd
Center table by vakarconcept
Vintage Turquoise Blue Empoli Glass Snifter Style by speckadoos
Side Chair by peter_qvist_furniture
The Fanfare Fire Pit by ironbarkmetaldesign_
Ironbark light tower by ironbarkmetaldesign_
Custom rustic industrial hutch by rbcustoms_est2014