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Daily inspiration collected from instagram. Hand picked, updating daily. We are here to inspire you to create amazing work out of Wood, Clay, Metal or Glass. Keep posting my friends.
Inspiration from around the world!
Cups by lexingtonglass
Textured jug by _irinanana_
Sculpture by spanosart
Candle Holder by christinecherry_
Ceramic plates with abstract arts by ceramicbabes
Textured coffe cup by keramikjohanna
The Line Coffee Table by bakerstreetboys_london
Calice Prosecco by massimiliano_caldarone
Vintage Industrial Reclaimed Bathroom Vanity by modern_reclaimed
Table by alonmdesigns
Kero modern table by garybodkerdesigns
Blacksmith stairs by ferreriarm
Colored glass lighting by embermystdesigns
Black and white cup by takaki_mottsu
Sea-inspired bowls by mosskeramik
One moon bowl by goldenandgreyporcelain
Glass and steel stairs by metaldesign13300
Steampunk bonsai crescent pot by jarodkearney
Swan goblet by jakegarretson_glass
Unique handcrafted vase by handcrafted_stockholm
Slouchy penguin bowl by goldenandgreyporcelain
Once more teapot by keramikjohanna
"Earth crescent pot with companion moon accent pot" by jarodkearney
Industrial kitchen by mon_interieur_metal_31
Sweet little side table by backwoods_timber_creations
Boy and Girl by spanosart
School stalysh table by mon_interieur_metal_31
Aligator juniper slab back chairs by thewoodchefaz
Huge teapot by keramikjohanna
Walnut tv stand by backwoods_timber_creations
Snake Olla Vase by sandiafolk
Algunes cristalitzacions by eulaliasayrachceramiques
Little ceramic raku bowl by highyieldstudio
Sliding Door by marco_degaloff_design
Ceramic saucer "Lace" by _irinanana_
Mikado 2016 by massimiliano_caldarone
"Crumbling castle wall" pot by jarodkearney
Twisty-cane Vase by lexingtonglass
Bowl suitable for everything by keramikjohanna
Amazing desktop by wildaboutwood
Wall Sculpture by the_metal_guy_canberra
Giorgos by galigalidis_art
Ceramic jug with ornaments based on Latvian mittens by _irinanana_
Chutes and Ladders by austincustom
Vase with peacock glaze by miyamurastudio
Vase by lexingtonglass
Firepit by blackartwelding
Industrial desk lamp by wrenchworkscustom
Bedroom with wood wall by carvedwoodworks